Original Sauce is Back!

Celebrate the Return of rich and delicious original sauce on rising crust pizza.
Why did DiGiorno change the Original Sauce in the first place?

We have very passionate and loyal fans – like you – and listening to what you want is vital to us. We heard that some wanted us to try a more flavorful sauce, so we added more garlic, spices and herbs. But after introducing it in December 2013, you told us you missed the old sauce, so we’re bringing it back.

Why are you bringing back the Original Sauce?

We found that the majority of our fans preferred the Original Sauce, which helped us make the decision to bring it back to all of our Rising Crust varieties this fall!

Which pizza varieties had the new sauce?

All nine DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzas had the new sauce and are now switching back to the Original Sauce. These include Pepperoni, Supreme, Four Cheese, Spicy Chicken Supreme, Italian Sausage, Three Meat, Sausage & Pepperoni, Half & Half (½ Cheese & ½ Pepperoni) as well as all Rising Crust multipacks.

Which pizzas will have the Original Sauce?

Our Rising Crust varieties are the only pizzas making the switch back to the Original Sauce. Our Pizza & Sides, Dipping Strips, Stuffed Crust and Classic Thin Crust varieties have always had the Original Sauce.

Will every DiGiorno pizza change back to the Original Sauce?

Our Rising Crust varieties are the only pizzas that had the new sauce, so they will be making the switch back to the Original Sauce. Pizza & Sides, Dipping Strips, Stuffed Crust, and Classic Thin Crust pizzas will continue to have the Original Sauce. Please check out our menu for other varieties such as pizzeria! that have a unique sauce: http://www.digiorno.com/Products/

Will the Original Sauce be labeled on the packaging?

All of the Rising Crust varieties will be clearly marked with a new label at the top of the packaging stating “Original Sauce is Back!” to highlight the switch back to the Original Sauce.

Is DiGiorno still experimenting with the sauce recipe or is this the last change?

Right now, we are simply bringing back the Original Sauce based on fan feedback.

Is this the exact original recipe or has it been changed?

Yes! This is the exact same Original Sauce recipe that made your pizza night.

What are the differences between the Original Sauce and the new sauce?

The new sauce featured more herbs, garlic and spices.

Is there any part of the new sauce that will be added into the Original Sauce?

We are bringing back the exact Original Sauce recipe that you know and love. We are also removing the herbs from the top of the Rising Crust varieties that were added when we moved to the new sauce recipe.

Some fans must have liked the new sauce. Aren’t you ignoring those who loved the new sauce with more herbs, garlic and spices?

We listened to everyone, and we heard that many of our fans preferred the Original Sauce to the new sauce. It’s because of your feedback that we’re bringing back the Original Sauce. Of course, we’re constantly innovating and expanding our pizza offerings with new, flavorful recipes and will continue to do so. Our pizzeria! pizza has crust that’s crispy, yet soft and airy on the inside and has a flavorful sauce and premium toppings. It’s the perfect option for those looking for a new pizza experience.

When will I find DiGiorno pizzas with the Original Sauce in store?

The Rising Crust varieties with the Original Sauce were available nationwide in December 2014.

Apart from the return of the Original Sauce, have any other toppings changed?

All of the other toppings on each of the DiGiorno Rising Crust pizzas remain the same. The only change is the return of the Original Sauce recipe, which includes removing the herbs that were sprinkled on top of the pizza when the new sauce recipe was introduced.

Are there any changes to the cooking directions?

There may be some slight changes to cooking directions, depending on the variety. To be safe, you should always follow the cooking directions listed on the back of the package.

Who can I contact with product questions or complaints?

You can give our customer services team a call at 1-800-708-5580 or send an email to nestlepizza@casupport.com with any questions or complaints.